Peaberries - Arabica Caliking Atok

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100% Philippine Arabica
Caliking, Atok


Peaberry is a generic deformity when, instead of two seeds, a cherry contains just one seed,
with no flat surface, just rounded on both sides. We put distinct premium on peaberry coffee over the ‘normal’ variety because :

- Peaberry is a natural mutation that only happens maybe 5-15% of the time.
- Peaberry coffee is sorted out, by hand in most cases, requiring extra labor
- Some producers and coffee shops argue that peaberry offers some different experience or better taste
- Peaberry rolls and is highly suitable in making ‘chocolate coated coffee beans’ of global chocolate brands

Grind Size
- Coarse (French Press/Percolator/Cold Brew)
- Medium Coarse (Chemex/Clever Dripper)
- Medium (Cone Shaped Pour Over/Siphon/Aeropress)
- Medium Fine (Cone Shaped Pour Over/Aeropress)
- Fine (Espresso/Moka Pot/Aeropress)