Ininstant Pinulbos na Kape

Celebrating Filipino Coffee

Ininstant Baraco is Philippine Powdered Coffee, our latest coffee product that only needs hot water and Ininstant to make great tasting Philippine coffee. Sourced locally and traceably. 

Walang Kemikal, Tunay at Natural

Ininstant Baraco is 100% powdered coffee, no chemicals or preservatives were added. This means that the coffee is not 100% soluble in water. At the end of your drink, you will see the coffee sediments, a testament to drinking real Philippine coffee. 

Caffeine Rich, Exquisite taste

The Ininstant baraco is a blend of Robusta and Excelsa varieties, sure to keep you awake and productive.


Where can I purchase?


You can also order online: 
LazMall or ShopeeMall  or visit our shop here.