Basillio: Coffee To Share


Basilio Coffee beans have been carefully processed and precision “Air Roasted” to bring out the desired and inherent coffee flavors and aroma.

Basilio is a fair trade coffee grown and produced by Filipino farmers all over the Philippines. We empower the coffee farmers to process and air roast their own coffee. Farmers now can proudly drink and sell their own coffee in local communities. 

Dalisay Blend

100% Pure Arabica with two different roast profiles sourced from two different communities. Best consumed black to appreciate flavors and aroma.

Tinatangi Blend

60% Arabica, 30% Robusta, 10% Exelsa. Perfect blend of flavors from 3 different varieties with a slight kick. Can be consumed black or with creamer and sugar.

Muni-Muni Blend

90% Robusta, 10% Arabica. Definitely a cup with caffeine rush. Best consumed with creamer and sugar. 

Where To Find Basilio Coffee