Basillio: Coffee To Share


Basilio Coffee is carefully processed and precision “Air Roasted” to bring out the desired and inherent coffee flavors and aroma.

Basilio is a coffee brand that shares -- fair trade coffee grown and produced by Filipino farmers all over the Philippines. All blends are medium-medium dark roast.

Dalisay Blend

100% Pure Arabica with two different roast profiles sourced from two different communities. Best consumed black to appreciate flavors and aroma.

Tinatangi Blend

60% Arabica, 30% Robusta, 10% Exelsa. Perfect blend of flavors from 3 different varieties with a slight kick. Can be consumed black or with creamer and sugar.

Muni-Muni Blend

90% Robusta, 10% Arabica. Definitely a cup with caffeine rush. Best consumed with creamer and sugar. 


Where To Find Basilio Coffee



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