Revolutionizing the Philippine Coffee Landscape

Working to Clean and Save the Environment

Matutum Community for Bote Central

Who We Are & How We Work

We have the passion both for business and nurturing nature.  We deal directly with farmers to avoid unnecessary traders & middlemen. We believe in using technology to promote efficiency at community levels as a means to improving & sustaining business. We design/build small and big scratch built machines for our own use and benefit, whilst sharing them with partner producer communities. We innovate and re-invent. We are culture driven and people centered.

In 2007 Bote Central introduced the novel idea of village level coffee processing facilities in the Philippines, using Filipino ingenuity of a coffee roasting machine designed and built for the farmers, women and youth in coffee producing communities. Farmers need not be just suppliers of quality coffee but should be transformed into community based coffee social enterprises. 

“Bote Central, Inc. respects the wild animals in the forests and that we do not get coffee droppings from any caged civet. We also do not have any managed farm to propagate and protect civets. We leave the civets free , wild and happy in their own natural habitat without disturbing their ecosystem. We follow strict protocol procedures with all our pickers and that they understand that civets play an important role in the ecosystem — as natural seed dispersers in the forests.”