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BOTE CENTRAL, INC. is a family-owned corporation established on March 22, 2002, with a clear mission: To Clean & Preserve the Environment through the utilization of agro-forest products to support livelihoods.

Currently, our primary focus revolves around a collaborative approach to Philippine coffee production and consumption. We're dedicated to streamlining the supply chain and integrating Fair Trade principles to bolster the sustainability of the Philippine coffee industry.

Our core strategy involves establishing community-based coffee enterprises (CBCE) throughout the nation, particularly in rural areas, fostering local economic growth through various models for retailing Philippine brewed coffee.

What sets us apart? Our unwavering commitment to both business success and environmental stewardship. We wholeheartedly embrace Fair Trade practices, working directly with farmers to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. Leveraging technology, we drive efficiency at the community level, a key element in our business improvement and sustainability efforts. We also engineer custom machines, both small and large, tailored to our needs while sharing them with partner producer communities. We thrive on innovation and adaptation, all while maintaining a strong cultural foundation and a people-centric approach.


Working to Clean & Save the Environment


Provide Sustainable Livelihood Using Forest and Agro-forest Products
Bring Back Respect to Animals in the Forests
Maintain the Forests Clean and Alive
Assist with Technological Intervention for Agro-forest Products

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#21 Graceful corner Menchie Sts., BF Almanza, Las Piñas City, Philippines

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+63 917 507 3558