Basilio Air Roaster


Abstract: A Bean Roaster Employing Pneumatic Conveying Principles

Various methods exist for using hot air to roast coffee beans, and this invention leverages the venturi principle within a truncated cylinder to roast the beans while also providing an effective method for ejecting them from the chamber. This approach offers distinct advantages, particularly when roasting beans with varying quality attributes such as moisture content, maturity, shape, and density. It excels at maintaining precise control over roast temperatures and optimizing energy consumption, contributing to the enhancement of coffee quality in the local coffee industry. Additionally, complementary software and hardware systems have been integrated to maximize the advantages derived from the unique geometry of this inventive roasting method.

“ If you don't give technology to the people who need it, they will be left behind.”

-Basil Reyes, Inventor of Basilio Air Roaster


Basilio Coffee Roaster is a patented Filipino invention, with Artificial Intelligence that simplified the science and art of coffee roasting for non-roast masters

Patented Intelligent Coffee Roaster for Non-Coffee Roasters Leading Edge Technology for Coffee Roasters
Inventor: Carlos Basilio Victor Osorio Reyes

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