Basilio Air Roaster

rearden roaster by bote central 

Abstract: A Bean Roaster Employing Pneumatic Conveying Principles

There are several methods of using hot air to roast coffee. This invention utilizes the venturi principle of moving the beans in a column of hot air in a truncated cylinder to roast coffee and the method to eject the beans out of the chamber. This has very specific advantages when roasting beans of varying quality (moisture, maturity, shape, density) , controlling the roast temperatures and energy consumption.  These qualities of coffee beans  are now present in the local coffee landscape. Other ancillary systems such as software and hardwares are interfaced to maximize the benefits of the geometry of this invention.

“ If you don't give technology to the people who need it, they will be left behind.”

-Basil Reyes, Inventor of Rearden Roaster


Rearden Coffee Roaster is a patented Filipino invention, with Artificial Intelligence that simplified the science and art of coffee roasting for non-roastmasters.  This is a simple guide on the parts, specifications on how to use the machine for roasting.

rearden roaster by bote centralrearden roaster by bote central


Patented Intelligent Coffee Roaster for Non-Coffee Roasters Leading Edge Technology for Coffee Roasters
Inventor: Carlos Basilio Victor Osorio Reyes


rearden roaster by bote central

Product Specifications
Voltage Requirement 220V
1.15 kilowatts
Current 5.5 amps
Roasting Capacity 2 Kilos / Batch
Capacity Per Hour 12 Kilos / Hour
LPG Consumption 50-80grams of LPG / kg of coffee
Maximum Bean Moisture << 18% moisture content
Dimensions (Coffee Roaster) L-16inches X W-16inches X H-53inches
Dimensions (Cooling Table) L-16inches X W-15approx.inches X H-26inches