Leg 10 Day 24: Fortuitous events opened up unknown paths

Technology such as google maps & asking people for directions do not always work for the good... but, by luck or a series of fortuitous events, we end up with the best!

A video crew documented some of the communities of the Forest Foundation Philippines& Philippine Coffee Alliance which we visited for this leg, (1) Kitanglad Guard Volunteers of Imbayao Malaybalay KGVI , (2) MANTALA Manggayahay Talaandig Tribal Assn Inc , & (3) Bayawon Lucday Lungayen Pendonay Talaandig Tribal Assn BLLUPENTRAS.

We shall feature here the children of Bukidnon’s different tribes who manifested strength, creativity, curiosity and assertiveness which are traits that the elders instill in them.

These are the same traits we will harness in the tribal children so they can sustain their culture & traditions , strengthened by their coffee livelihood and the Datos’ dreams for the next generations.

The Mindanao strategy for community based coffee social enterprise is now brewing. Again, Basilio: Coffee is at the forefront 🇵🇭☕️





google map pointed us to this road. we asked the locals for directions going to KGVI c/o Benjie Maputi of Imbayao. ‘Saan po yung papunta kay Maputi?” the locals looked at our car and the tires. they said “maganda ang kalyeng yan. kaya ng sasakyan! paakyat yan sa Imbayao” 

The tower gave us strong signal to call our friends and ask for help. In a small town or sitio, our drive up the tower was the current ‘chismis’. The community appreciated our efforts in reaching their highest towns . 




the soil is tremendously healthy for coffee 


non-stop banana and corn 🌽 plantations are everywhere in Mindanao... unfortunately, these only serve well the multinationals and big players . btw, going thru inside these plantations was one of the reasons we got lost (for a good adventurous & fortuitous reason hehe 😂) 

their tribal halls also serve as sleeping quarters for them

We finally reached our first destination for the documentary shoot.

The tribal communities are religious and high spirituality. Visits to their far flung communities are considered a blessing.

picture na agad ang hiling ng mga Dato ng Mantala . bugay todo na ngiti dahil nagkaintindihan na .. kape lang ang pinagmulan

Nonong, the caretaker, does his farm routine chores and part of it is taking care of the coffee babies

at their kitchen, the Lumads including Dato gamely posed for the picture . they are happy with their achievement of 100% survival of their coffee seedlings

mabilis magkaintindihan kahit magkaiba ang mga lenguahe.. mga puso at damdamin ang mga nagsasalita

a celebration followed immediately after the ritual prayer offering done by Dato Boy. Most of us could not eat the chicken as they were the same chickens which were used for the ritual offering

they are all watching as if they were watching a movie..